Guidelines for Honorary Life Membership

Choose from outstanding members who have displayed a continued working interest in the Conference.

Only those who have retired from active participation in the wood products or associated fields or industries will be eligible.

Candidates would be elected to Honorary Life Membership on approval of the Board of Directors.

Candidates would be nominated by the Nominations and Membership Committee.

Nominee must be present at the Conference to personally receive this high honor.


Blaine Bloomgen
Bruce E Colwell
Bruce Morehead *
Burton W. Schmidt *
David J. Browitt *
Denny Foster
Donald E. Mackenzie
E.C. Retig *
Edwin L. Deihl *
Emmit R Aston *
F.N. “Cookie” Morgan *
Forrest H. Dobson
Frank Favor
George E. Neils *
Glen Kartheiser
Gordon MacGregor *
Guilford Zwight
Henry N. Ard
J.S. Baron *
Jack L. Morgan *
Jack Young
John Fields
John Reed


* Deceased

John Ulrich
Leroy J. Vogl
Manley Brandeburg *
Mark Schoknecht *
Max A. Tripp *
Norm Linton
Phil Dreisbach
R.E. “Bob” Ruault
Richard Bennett
Richard Moltke *
Robert B Kennedy *
Robert E. Powell
Robert Peterson *
Royce Satterlee
Steve Zwight
Terry L. Sverdsten
W.H. Semmler
Wallace C. Schmidt
Wallace E. Foster *
Warren Gardner
Warren H. Brown *
Will E. Kirby