The mission of the Intermountain Logging Conference is to maintain and enhance the forest products industry serving the nation and particularly the Intermountain West region. 

The ILC is maintained and supported by a 30-member board of directors that represents a combination of timberland owners, industry contractors, mill representatives, manufacturing representatives and equipment suppliers to the logging and forest management business.

The conference serves the forest products industry and its many suppliers operating in the geographic area called the Inland Empire region, beginning on the east side of the Cascades in Washington, moving east to the Black Hills of South Dakota; and, north from the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta south to Montana, Idaho and Oregon.

The ILC's member companies, firms and businesses total over 500 and all come together with a unified vision of achieving the conference’s mission and goals:

  • Encourage the practice of forestry using silviculture to optimize timber production

  • Promote a positive image of the logging industry

  • Promote a spirit of friendship and cooperation among its members

  • Promote programs for employee training, public relations and forest conservation and protection

  • Provide opportunities for equipment and machinery exhibitors

225 DX Doosan W 622C Waratah Processing Head – Operator/Owner: Mike Newton
Doosan 225LL Log Loader – Operator: Todd Boehler, Employee of Newton Logging, Inc.

The ILC was founded as a branch of the Pacific Logging Conference (PLC) in 1938, after the PLC realized the need to establish regional industry conferences throughout the western United States and Canada to better serve each region's unique needs. Today, many of these regionally chartered conferences, like the ILC, still exist after 70 plus years, and continue striving to meet the ever changing needs and challenges of the logging and forest management industry.

The ILC will take a political stand, lobby for a particular issue or pass an official ILC position statement written and approved by the ILC membership about industry and forest management issues. The ILC's primary focus, however, is showcasing topical innovations in current industry information, good land stewardship, safe logging practices and continued education & training for the industry & public; as well as providing a venue and platform to showcase logging equipment and associated products.

The ILC and its leadership's mission is to better educate our industry's members about their land stewardship requirements, to provide the innovations and tools needed to accomplish this important and valuable task and to enhance our industry's ability to provide sustainable wood products to a demanding society, in an environmentally responsible manner.


Mark Boardman
2019 ILC President



Erika Sussi –President
Elwayne Henderson –Vice President
Tyler Roady – Treasurer
Reva Nelson - Secretary & Conference Coordinator


Board Members

Carl Duer
Bill Frings
Ron Simon

Erin Bradetich
Bob Danielson
Richard Hanson
Steve Henderson
Arron Henson
Jessi Hunt
Mac Lefebvre
Rob Keefe
Chad Nelson
Doug Nelson
Reva Nelson
Tyler Roady
Trevor Stone
Erika Sussi

Mark Boardman
Shelby George
Brian Hobday
Bryan Lorengo
Kevin Kanduch
Jerry Kelly
Scott Kuehn
Tim McEntire
Mike Newton
Dan Siderius
Sean Steinbach

Elwayne Henderson
Jared Schwabauer
Drew Mahon


Suppliers Committee

Carl Duer
Jeff Shaw
Eric Crowley
Sean Vann