President’s Review of the 76th Intermountain Logging Conference and Equipment Show

Exciting Opportunities
and Challenges for the
Next Generation

April 3—5, 2014

Mirabeau Park Hotel & Convention Center
Spokane Valley, Washington

Panel Presentation
Photo Credit: Barbie Miller


Some of the Logging Equipment on Display at the 2014 Intermountain Logging Conference and Equipment Show
Photo Credit: Barbie Miller


The Ikola Family Was Awarded the Don McKenzie Award
Photo Credit: Reva Dockery Photography


Many thanks to all board members and volunteers for a very successful and entertaining 76th Intermountain Logging Conference! This year acquired an outstanding attendance and was not short of quality speakers and entertainment. All eminent presenters addressed education and the training of younger generations, as well as life in rural communities and families working together in this extended industry. The keynotes as well as the esteemed panels, exceeded expectations and met the goals for the next president Jerry Kelly and the theme for 2014, “Exciting Opportunities and Challenges for the Next Generation”.

Several million dollars worth of equipment filled the side parking lot with all the newest, up-to-date logging equipment for today’s contractors and operators. The outside and inside booths were full and well displayed. The evening events went exceptionally well. Thursday night’s auction was full of entertainment and auction items seemed to be in high demand. Friday night’s banquet, presented the Don McKenzie Award to Jerry Ikola, of McCall Idaho, who humbly accepted the award. The night was ended with the amusing entertainment of a Hypnotist.

A special thanks to all panels, presenters and speakers that carried out the program Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Also a big thank you to all sponsors, equipment dealers, volunteers, entertainers and auctioneers, for without any of these people this conference would not be possible or enjoyable. Feedback from the visitors was very positive and the conference concluded another year successfully.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and for making the 2014 Intermountain Logging Conference an enjoyable and memorable one. Have a great season, and we will see you next year.

Bob Danielson
2014 Intermountain Logging Conference President.