Letter From the President

Welcome to the 78th Intermountain Logging Conference & Equipment Show

Mike Newton ILC President

Mike Newton
ILC President

The board of directors of the Intermountain Logging Conference, extend a warm welcome and invitation to all logging families, equipment suppliers, and industry friends to join us for our 78th Intermountain Logging Conference and equipment show.

This years vice President, Trevor Stone and his committee have put together a great program titled “A Bright Future”. This program will be educational, as well as entertaining.

The Intermountain Logging Conference is a great place to acquire continuing education credits, as well as gaining important knowledge about the current state of our industry. We take pride in bringing current, innovative technology pertaining to the tools for our trade through partnership with the leading equipment dealers who provide the newest, up to date equipment for all to see.

Our focus has always been to build friendships. Please come and join old friends to exchange new ideas, with the hope that you will meet new friends and collaborate with like minded people.

With your participation, the Intermountain Logging Conference has continued to grow and expand. You are all a vital part of the success of this conference.

I look forward to seeing all of you in April!


Mike Newton
ILC President